• Federal Employees

  • First Choice Consulting understands Federal Benefits

    How much should you be investing in your TSP?... What about the ROTH TSP?... Is FEGLI a good option?....What’s the difference between a “I” fund and a “L” fund?

    We sponsor training using Federal Benefits Educators, they have educators trained to teach Federal employees about their benefits. These workshops are held inside Federal Buildings. We provide these trainings in Bridgeport, New Haven, New London, Hartford and Providence. Check with your agency about hosting a workshop in your building.

    There are lots of Financial Advisors that can help you design a retirement planner, but few have the knowledge required to help Federal employees maximize their federal benefits.

    If you are a Federal Employee and have questions or financial concerns, you can go to your HR Department and they can provide information, but they cannot give you advice. Advisors must be licensed and properly trained before giving financial advice. Let First Choice Consulting help you design a plan that works today and better tomorrow. Call 203-878-4598.

    Send us our email address, your agency and location and we will let you know when the next workshop is scheduled in your area.