• First Choice Consulting, LLC helps you find money in your existing budget. Wealth Transfer is money that is being lost unintentionally and unknowingly from your budget. Identifying Wealth Transfers and redirecting that money back into your Retirement & Lifestyle accounts is what makes First Choice Consulting, LLC unique and successful.

    Many advisers tell you to spend less and they want to manage your money for a fee and promising you better rates. To achive higher rates of return you must agree to more risk. Can your retirement account afford to lose 10, 20, or 40%?

    Who cares more about your money than you?

  • First Choice Consulting, LLC can teach you how to identify these Wealth Transfers and design a strategy having no risk to principal, yet achieving competitive rates.

    Common Wealth transfers are:

    • Taxes
    • Mortgage
    • Insurance
    • Retirement Planning
    • Debt
    • College Funding